100 degrees below ‘zero’ Bitcoin

Everyone wants to run those chase words in their news and blog posts. Today, I am going to do the same for you, this way we can communicate a little better and see what the crypto/bitcoin space has in store. ( for those who do not know crypto is bitcoin and bitcoin is crypto ) So of course for all the people that are playing in the entire space, be it, web3, web? nft, yield farming or whatever, maybe you are chasing crypto evangelists, ya, you know those types, shouting to the choir at the gates of hell… and look where that got you. Dreaming about these dreams in crypto, like the golden carrot is not always what one should do, one should ask is it too late, do you just gamble in the even greater lottery on earth? The crypto lotteries, and what of them, and do please describe the ‘golden carrot’… or at least the theory of it. So it is said that things that are written too long are not read enough, so let’s get to the point.

  • golden carrot
  • celcius ( another rug pull ? )
  • bitcoin meet gravity, gravity meet bitcoin, ‘ the usa fed’

There are enough things in crypto to write about, our fingers would bleed if we could get everything typed in for you, but, in the meantime, I will continue to pound the letters off until they are no longer visible.

Golden Carrot

What is the ‘golden carrot’ in crypto?

Well for starters, it seems to be those impossible things, the something everyone has, but nobody has to show. Those who do show are far and few, and those that can proof of wealth, are even farther in between. It is said that people are embarrassed to talk about their real wealth status. This seems odd, and that furthermore lead me to research a few wealthy people who “claimed” in crypto, ( more on that in a later article ). For now, the real part of everything is that this golden carrot is impossible to find, it’s like jack and the beanstalk, or the fast-food lotteries that nobody ever seems to win. I could list these off, but for now, all those claims of this person now has a 40 million dollar nft and that person has a Bored Ape Yacht Club, and then it gets stolen, and then they pay ransom for it, this story begins to sound like a fairy tale. If there is one thing we have learned, we have learned to not take advice from Seth on crypto. There will be further information about the golden carrot theory and how much of crypto is real, and how much of the ‘news’, could be ‘ fake news ‘ and marketing gimmicks.


The bombshell of the week! 

What can we say here at Token POST, … do not buy rugs, and beware of the ‘next great best most free the world thing’ that crypto has to offer. Avoid YouTubers! Avoid TikTok promotions, and just avoid promotions in general. Crypto isn’t what everyone thinks it is. It can be a land of ruins, and this time it has done such things and created micro wealth and wealth that is being squeezed every day with another upset story or another ‘ hack ‘.


Bitcoin Gravity
We are sure glad that rocket ships do not run on bitcoin, or it could be some terrible trips, not unlike that latest NASA launch. So if that was a bitcoin miner, we all know what is pulling bitcoin to the ground right now, when it’s that which is above. The Celsius network has crushed bitcoins price again, as well as the highest inflation we have seen in years worldwide. I also can remember looking at the rug page before and knew not to bother with it, unlike the 1.7 million people who are now without… One could hope that will turn around for them, but doubtfully it will. Hopefully, there is better news to come in the next few days on all fronts, for now, bitcoin meet gravity, and gravity meet bitcoin.

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