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The John mcAfee Interview

John McAfee came to us all in crypto in 2016, first featured on the radio station that I created, once named “the dogedy” then renamed to “verge radio” and then was interviewed by one of our good dj / talk hosts. The 2017 craze happened, after a lot of cool down, and discussion behind the scene, I could tell that John seemed to be in a lot of trouble as far as people following him around the world. This put me into high gear to get this interview done with him before all was lost. Spending the time to interview John McAfee was a highlight in the number of crypto interviews that I have conducted, but in no way did I want to talk about crypto, I only wanted to know stories that he has never told before. This is one of the best podcasts I have listened to, even though I did some funny things, and asked some completely weird questions, this could be one of the most entertaining podcasts that John has recorded. Forever we will remember you John McAfee as a crypto pioneer in the influencer world.

Rick Stoner presents...

Vitalik Buterin the Ether Project

This podcast was recorded 6 years ago, in 2016, there will be a lot of things that are dated so long into the crypto space that things have changed a lot since this podcast was recorded, #bitcoin and #etherium have also changed, and since raised a lot in price. There is a spot early on where Vitalik discusses the t-shirt he bought for … 3.9 BTC! ( not sure if this is accurate at the time of writing ) Further along, there is also the short discussion of the, hmmm, 15 million ETH minted per day… or so. ( again at the time of writing not sure if that is accurate, I must review this podcast ) This podcast was made to document the verbalization of the crypto events of the past. #nofinancialadvice

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Christian Keroles

The interview with Christian Keroles was not only eye-opening but refreshing to know there are so many grounded people in crypto. After experiencing the rush of the ‘smart chains’ it was nice to talk to the bitcoin world again and in such a fashion. Not realizing early on that we were in a sort of debate, my questions firing at Christian became repetitive and unaddressed in my constant rebuttals. The Question, Question, and answer format that I am famous for, really keep you wondering why I didn’t respond to some of his replies on the questions… well, that’s easy, I had questions to ask, and they had to get done in the 1-hour format. This said, in the future, if I have a follow-up with Christian I will be sure to change it to a more engaging and question-answer rebuttal format.

Rick stoner presents...

Soulja Boy

I got the pleasure of interviewing Soulja Boy, this wasn’t a long formal chat, more like getting a phone call to him while he was at a booming party. Some of these formal style questions I did get to pop off like, what his first game console was and the first video game that he liked the most were at best some of the coolest things I could get in that little time. Perhaps in the future, I will get a more formal interview with Soulja Boy.

Rick stoner presents...

deborah driggs

Deborah Driggs was the centerfold of Playboy in April 1990, you can buy a copy on Ebay for around 40 dollars.  The inspiring conversation with Deborah is a remarkable experience for me and will be for you also!  Deborah’s life has had some ups and downs and we discuss them in this very in-depth interview about her life and her experiences.  She leaves a huge impression of pushing forward and working for the greater good of things that are in your life, a true life coach, and great advice given.

Bitcoin News

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old podcast Episodes

Over the years of bitcoin and crypto evolving a history of the people and the growth of a new universe of ideas was born.  These have all been collected for you.  These are the links to the very old podcast, and even older recordings from doged radio, v radio, and cryptoradio will be posted in the upcoming future!

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