Established in 2013

There are seasons of content and many episodes that were recorded on dogecoin dark radio, the doged radio, verge radio, and radio crypto.  These episodes span so many different networks because of rebranding it will take a little more time to have these available to you.

I have left the mIRC networks and found a little room in the team speak chat servers, until toxic, well, just toxic being toxic became a thing and I exited the normie land.  After living in Hodl land for a number of years I come out something of a shepherd, not ruining my fellow cryptoers with mindless shilling of some heavy bag I might have been stupid to buy into, nope, not me.  Just bringing you the interviews of the past and now the new ones of the future!  Right here on Rick Stoner dot com.  🙂 :)~

What I do for crypto now…

I have been a long-time crypto critic since the beginning of crypto time, during cryptoaceous and cryptolithic periods, I interviewed the XMR team, ETH’s Vitalik Buterin, and DGB (Jared Tate), and more!

Rick Stoner


To help you understand bitcoin the block chain, and the social media atmosphere around crypto unlike any influencer in the space.


Honestly, in crypto vision is only as far as the next day, and that is why every day is exciting.  For the code, for the crypto, for bitcoin!